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Cooperate Profile is among the thousands of Nigerian blog but the difference is clear as infotechwealth is aimed at providing qualitative financial stability information and legal online investment plan and site to the Nigerian citizen. is owned by LovingBrother Inc. a group that is aimed at Unifying the country and nation Nigeria by encouraging one voice and truthful message across the nation online.

Infotechwealth which is a site under the Unified Nigeria movement, a LovingBrother inc. trademark started in late 2015 on the surface but came up fully in 1st October 2016. The purpose of the blog is to be a voice to the voiceless citizens of the country and to create awareness to the nation and its citizens in aspect of financial stability.

Our Mission

1. Provision review information about HYIP, Ponzi Schemes, Trading and Company shares
2. Provision of detailed teachings on ways to be financially stable in hard times
3. Job alert information and review
4. To keep on creating awareness of the importance of unity, as a nation.
5. To create a voice for the voiceless citizens of Nigeria, by free posting of happenings in the rural areas, free announcement for the poor Nigerian citizen
3. Applaud good governance by showcasing their good works.
4. Call on government that forgets its primary duties and refuse to do the needful for the people.

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