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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to Save your Data while browsing on Windows 7, 8 and 10 Laptop with hotspot

Severally in the past, it sucks when ever I try to browse on my laptop using my phone hotspot to share data connection. It got to a point I had to stop, after calling mobile data service provider customer care line severally complaining of always out of a N3,000 in 5 days. Listen again, only 5 days. No downloads, no online streaming, nothing special but just running all my necessary applications, updating my sites and normal browsing everyone do.

I now discovered/realized that it is the background app on my PC that usually eat up my data fast.
Applications such as:
1. Windows update
2. Other applications on your laptop that requires internet access

Once there is internet connection to your PC, everything wants to work. It's like adding more gas to a fire (applications are ready to go online, make use of your data but just waiting for you to connect the data)

Sometimes, it can be very annoying to use up all you data subscription, especially when you have very little allocated data, in a country like Nigeria where data/internet access is quite expensive.

But, there is a solution: Metered Connection

By default your laptop is set to non-metered connection (meaning: applications use as much as you can, free access)
Metered connection simply means, limited amount of data, limited access to data connection. It also means, it's only applications you run at the moment that will have access to data connection.

If you have a limited data plan and want more control over data usage on your PC, make the connection a metered network. Some app might work differently to reduce data usage when you're connected to the metered network

How to setup Metered connection

Method 1

  1. Open the Settings menu on Windows Operating System.
  2. Click on Network & Internet Option.
  3. Click on Wi-Fi, if you are using Wi-Fi connectivity. Else, select Ethernet or Dial-Up option.
  4. Click on the Network you are connected (the network you want to metered).
  5. Afterwards, look for the option that shows metered connection and activate that option.
  6. Done and success
Method 2 (Mostly Windows 10)

  1. Click on the "wifi symbol" on your desktop
  2. Click on "Network and internet settings" below
  3. Click on "wifi"
  4. Click on "manage known network"
  5. Click on the "connection you want to meter" and click "properties"
  6. Scroll down and activate the "metered connection"

Now, you can enjoy your browsing without other applications interfering and finishing your data.

Note: Recommended for most Nigerians

Share your thought and also let us know if you encounter any difficulty setting that up


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