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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sex-For-Grades Scandal In Obafemi Awolowo University.

A Professor allegedly involved in sex request from his student in order to help her pass.

OAU school environment. Photo credit: OAU student
The awful news started to go viral when an audio record of a student and her professor bargaining grades upgrade in a phone conversation surfaced on social media and several of the University’s students whatsapp groups.

The audio which started with the usual call ring named the professor to be professor Akindele who from further research is in the department of Accounting in the university. 
From the audio it is obvious that such conversation had taken place before but didn’t end well for the professor because the lady said she was in her period.

Listen to the audio below

But In this case, the student scored 33 and needed 7marks and more since pass mark is 40. However, the student again refused the deal after the professor mentioned he has to sleep with her five times to award the illegal mark which was not even going to give her an A or a B.

A scandal indeed!

OAU is one of the best Universities in the country which makes the news more dreadful. God save the future of education.

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