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Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Rise of HYIP Peer to Peer Donation Platforms Ponzi Scheme


It is no more doubt about the present economic recession and hardship in Nigeria, as the low income earners and some  Nigerians are now finding it difficult to fend for themselves and dependents.
The cost of food has rapidly increase; reason been said to be the high Dollar rate to Naira and the high cost of fuel and production.

It's quite unfortunate that in times like these, when things are very hard so many peer to peer donation/ investment platforms are springing up, of which many are fake as some termed smart Nigerians have felt creating platform such as that is the only way to survive and earn more.
As it is known already, in hardship, war and struggle, the termed smart ones get rich.

Peer to peer donation or charity which haven't really been heard of until 2016, are now much and numerous in number as everyone opens a site at will. Presently, our research has showed that there are more than 200 - 500 platforms like that, but locally owned and international that Nigerians are involve in. Also, we have discovered that about 4 out of 10 Nigerians are participant of one or more of such platforms.

10 Truth About Donation Platforms

  1. It is a replica of HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), of which they all don't last, as you're either paid little to gain trust and after that you're made a loser.
  2. It is a PONZI SCHEME, meaning part of  Mr Paul's money (new member) is used to pay Mr Peter (old member), just as Peter's own was used to pay some one else in the system.
  3. The bad thing about such platforms and investment is that, once there are no more new members, the ones who joined late stand to be at loss, as there will be no one to be used to pay them, so it has to be a continues system but it CAN NOT be, as there are so many of them and also it's not every that will be interested, so it's better NOT to join.
  4. Most platforms upline are accounts owned by the website owner(s), so all donation keeps going to them. Out of 10 upline paired to receive payment in a day, only 3 or 4 uplines are citizens whereas the remaining are accounts created by the website owner(s).
  5. Most of them hide information or lie about the management of the website, making it had for one to know who's managing the pairing, where they are from and what is their gain.
  6. They all have the same mission, vision; to get rich from people's money. Reading the mission of more than 4 such platforms, I discovered they have exact but worded mission statement.
  7. Many fake ones will never send email updates, and news about their activities, as they can't afford to pay the services of mail provider.
  8. Most fake ones have very simple site design, as they look for the easiest means to steal from the poor citizens.
  9. Since you never sent your money to the website given cooperate account but to an individual, you're unable to question, report or complain when they eventually shut down.
  10. There are presently more than 500 such platforms, can all be real? If not, can 50% be said to be real? It can never be, because there is always a stagnation point. So, never put in too much than you can afford to loose.
How to Figure out a Fake Investment

  1. Most uplines for almost all members are the same, and most at time might not approve your donation thereby making leading to your automatic deletion from the system.
  2. Check the website URL on most fake ones have only one year registration plan, as they don't plan to stay too long.

      3. Unresponsive support: Many may have live chat or contact us page with address etc both fake and real ones now include contact page but the fake ones will never reply to mail/ complains, even if they do it will not be consistence and perfect.
      4. Unachievable matrix system for greedy people to fall victim: they will offer a matrix or percentage of i.e 900%  (1x9) matrix in one week, 700% e.t.c but real ones profit is usually low so as to meet up and not crash such as 200% (1x2) matrix in a week, 100% or even 50% monthly.
     5. Captivating time frame and profit to attract many investors

What to do if you want to give it a try

  1. If you must give it a try,  never put in all your life savings and more than you can afford to loose.
  2. Never trust any online (unseen business or investment) 100%, so do not put your mind to it so you don't break down when it fails
  3. Always ask questions, try to know if anyone have done it in the past, if people are still doing it and what challengers they have faced so far.
  4. Don't be too anxious to make quick money, especially when it's online and peer to peer donation.
  5. Always check for review about sites you wish to invest or donate in, here on our site and other reviewing websites
  6. Be active and check the site everyday after investing to know how they are doing and the latest happening there.
  7. Ones someone in the same investment site as you start noticing error, be at alert and possibly quit the system.


  1. Invest wisely, do not put in too much and quit at the right time because most of them don't last.
  2. No free food in free town, so most peer to peer donation platforms are to enrich the owners. They are not offering you such platform for free
  3. No hurry in life, never rush to invest. Make inquiry, read reviews and talk to people.

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