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Friday, 10 February 2017

Multiple color Nigeria: NIGERIA IS SECOND TO NONE

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Na only for Naija e de happen o.....
*Na only for Naija you
go see fish inside
*Na only for Naija we
dey count money after
we withdraw am from
ATM because we no
even trust ATM
*Na only for Naija
PHCN dey say:-Win a
brand new GENERATOR
if you pay your NEPA
*Na only for Naija
people dey horn for
traffic light make e
quick change from Red
to Green...
*Na only for Naija
Pharmacy dey sell Coke, Recharge Card, Chin chin, Puff puff and beer.
Wetin you no see for
Naija, you no fit see am
anywhere in d world...
*Na only for naija you go see one person dey use Bold5, X3, Ipad2 and Nokia N8 all at once while his mother dey sell groundnut
for Junction.
*Na only for Naija, you go see mad man dey
control traffic, people
wey get sense they obey.
*Na only for Naija, you go see native doctor dey use laptop connected with MTN modem. Maybe they are now consulting the spirits online..
*Na only for naija u go
see a man selling a book from street to street that says HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITHOUT STRESS. I wonder why him no read d book.
I salute Nigerians....
Naija no dey carry last..
Just laugh out that stress joor! 

God bless you all, God bless Nigeria

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